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You need to send out promotion materials or any other hard copy marketing equipment but the printing and shipping costs are too high? Or the amount of work to manage all these things is too time consuming?

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We have the solution for this!

  • Best prices for your printing materials
  • Free storage of all your materials
  • No shipping costs*
  • The shipping is easy & fast to manage - with our DMS - Distribution Management System
  • Over 10 years business experience

Distribution Management System - DMS

You need a system to manage your marketing materials? You want to send your hard copies & equipment quick and easy?

We have developed a system for you to make this process as smooth and easy as possible. You can login and check all your materials in stock, you can order more of them and/or send packages all over the world with just a few clicks.

Printing (plus translating, editing), storing and shipping your materials has never been easier.

Digital Strategy

You want to promote your school or university through social media to reach out to a bigger audience in the region? You want to attract more of your target group via Line or Facebook and don't know how? You need to adjust your SEO strategy to increase your online visibility?

We have the solution for this!

  • Competitive prices for your digital campaigns
  • We develop the most suitable strategy for your online goals
  • Strong expertise in mainland China - Native speaking Chinese will take care of your social media accounts
  • SEO analysis and improvement advices for your website
  • Over 10 years business experience
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Translating Service

We also offer

You need a qualified translation of your English materials or for your digital campaign?

Our translation service provides clients professional translating and editing service - English to Chinese or Chinese to English.

Our translation service in combination with our printing solutions or digital strategies can be the perfect round up to achieve your goals.

Who we are

APACPASS is formed by a group of industry professionals with over 10 years experience in doing business in the Asia-Pacific region. We can help you to develop and grow your business in different fields.

For more information, please contact us.

Why choosing us?

  • Over 10 years experience in helping schools/universities to recruit foreign students
  • Competitive prices and services
  • With offices in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and China we are able to serve you best
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